Past projects

Quick overview of main events and exhibitions

  • 2012: monographic exhibition in the premises of the German Federal Chamber of Architects (Berlin)
  • 2011: presentation of unreleased photographic work during the Pecha Kucha Night
  • 2010: monographic exhibition at the Belgian House of Cologne, in the frame of plan 10 Forum aktueller Architektur in Köln – see hereunder
  • 2010: Fotomarathon Berlin – I’ve been awarder the 2nd place out of 400 participants – see the pictures here
  • 2010: Co-operation with Kimsooja in Peru – film stills on the set of “Tread routes – Peru” – see hereunder
  • 2010: collective exhibition at Neurotitan Gallery (Berlin) in the frame of Papergirl Berlin
  • 2010: monographic exhibition at Boycott Gallery (Brussels)
  • 2010: publication of the book « Abstracts » (click on the info-tab for more details)
  • 2008-2009: artistic project with contractor Herpain Entreprise (Brussels) – see hereunder
  • 2008-2010: ongoing artistic projects with Bogdan & Van Broeck studio for architecture (Brussels) – see hereunder
  • 2008: “Brussels meets Brighton” collective exhibition in the Shunt Lounge (London)
  • 2008: monographic exhibition at Boycott Gallery (Brussels)
  • 2007: exhibition at Guilmot & Bassine lawfirm (Brussels)
  • 2006-2009: regular co-operation with the Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels (mainly pictures of exhibitions and the building)
  • 2005: eMMA05 – collective exhibition and creation of an in situ artwork («Escape») (Brussels)
  • 2004: eMMA04 – collective exhibition (theme: absence) (Brussels)
  • 2002: v1.0 of the website goes online
  • 2002: «Let there be more light» – monographic exhibition at Art Images temporary Art gallery (Brussels)


2011/12 – Exhibition @ Fed Chamber of German Architects in Berlin

On 29th of March 2011, I opened a one-year exhibition in the premises of the Federal Chamber of German Architects (Bundesarchitektenkammer, BAK), located in Berlin. More about this recent event will be soonly published under the exhibitions-tab.

More about the Federal Chamber (BAK)? click here


MARCH 2011 – Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

On 24th of March 2011, I presented a previously unreleased serial of pictures made in Berlin and in its U-Bahn. For the first time, I gave explanations about the context of the shootings, the pictures. More about this event? click here


Autumn 2010 – Exhibition in Cologne in the frame of Plan10

Plan Project (Forum aktueller architektur in Köln) is a yearly platform rassembling ideas, projects and realizations about new architecutre in and around Cologne (Germany). This one-week lasting event gathered many architecture-enthusiasts and profesionnals. Several exhibitions are mounted in this frame. My exhibition took place at the Belgian House (Cäcilienstrasse 46, 50667 Cologne), between September 23 and October 29 2010. The theme of this exhibition is the differences and similitudes between Brussels, Berlin and Cologne. Please have a look at exhibitions.


Since 2010 – Co-operation with artist Kimsooja

This summer, a new co-operation with Kimsooja took place. Between July 26 and August 9, I accompagnied her in the frame of one of her numerous projects, this time in Peru. I took pictures for her new project. The main lines of the projects are the link between traditional Peruvian textile, motives, textures and Inca architecture. The pictures will be, next to video material, used as raw material for Sooja’s next creation. This work will be shown as from November 5th 2010 in the Herning Museum for Contemporary Art (Denmark). A selection of the pictures of this project will be available on my website a few weeks after completion of this project.


2010 – Artist residence in Berlin

During 6 months, I will live in Berlin to develop my photographic skills, my creativity and network. Pictures of this ongoing project can be seen under “Berlin 2010” of this website.

This project has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.


2008-2009 Artistic project with Herpain Entreprise

During almost two years, I worked on an artistic project with Herpain Enterprise building firm, the aim of which was to photograph their buildings in an innovative way, a sometimes very abstract way. This extraordinary co-operation ended with the publishing of “Abstracts”, my artbook that contains both photos from that project and from my own work.


Since 2008 – Co-operation with BOGDAN & VAN BROECK ARCHITECTS

The studio for architecture Bogdan and Van Broeck, based in Brussels, has built one the most innovating buildings designed for university purposes: “The Media & Design Academy, institution of higher education in audiovisual arts, plastic arts and product design, is part of C-Mine, a new educational and cultural cluster on a former coal mining site. The project has been designed taking in account the requirements of the programme and the very specific qualities of its context: a very limited budget, a new teaching concept, the obligation to build on an existing underground parking garage and the overwhelming presence of the surrounding mining landscape and monuments.
The result is a building which stimulates creativity and innovation. The study-landscape, around which all educational functions are organized, provides an interactive space for meeting, experiment, social contact and the exchange of ideas between all students and teachers – a genuine “teaching and learning factory” (text: Thomas Mayer).

My role consists to picture the different phases of the wharf and finished building. Phase 1 and 2 have already taken place; phase 3 will take place in autumn 2010.

Pictures of this incredible project can be seen under “pro / BOGDAN & VAN BROECK ARCHITECTS”, or on the website of BOGDAN & VAN BROECK ARCHITECTS.