Past exhibitions

Dear visitor, here you’ll find all relevant information about my past exhibitions. The aim is to leave a track of these events and to allow you to discover them if you couldn’t make it.

23/09/10 – 29/10/10 – Brussels and Berlin meet in Cologne

You can watch hereunder a diashow presenting all the pictures and the scenography.

Or watch it in HD and full screen directly on you tube


After a 6 months artist residence in Berlin, I had the opportunity to mount a solo show with new photographic material made recently in Berlin, Cologne and Brussels.

The exhibition took place in the frame of the audacious architecture platform Plan 10 Forum aktueller Architektur in Köln, at the Belgian House (Cäcilienstrasse 46, 50667 Cologne), between September 23 to October 29 2010.

The exhibition was organized by the representation of the Region of Brussels-Capital in Cologne in the frame of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union (june-december 2010). I would like to thank Mrs. Elke Große-Schaeper, Mr. Armand Marchal, Consul, and Mr. Bart Vandeputte, Attaché. Many thanks to the whole Cologne based team. They delivered a great support and shared so much enthusiasm.

Plan project Forum aktueller architektur in Köln is a yearly platform rassembling ideas, projects and realizations about new architecutre in and around Cologne (Germany): The exhibition and event programm “plan” was launched in 1999 with the goal of creating a new mode of communication for architecture and urban development – an annual cultural occasion which is aimed equally at “insiders” from all sectors of architecture and at the general public. The “Forum for Contemporary Architecture” offers a network situation which serves not only to facilitate direct contact between those involved in architectural and urban development processes, but also to promote more public involvement with architecture, urban planning and building culture (source:


By clicking on the following link, you’ll discover the excerpt of the Plan 10 program relating to my exhibition (pdf-file, in German).


Rediscover the invitation by simply clicking here.


And finally, I would like to share with you some press articles about this exhibition


June 2010 – Papergirl Berlin #5


14/01/10 – 14/02/10 – Exhibition at Boycott Gallery Brussels

Beginning of 2010, I published Abstracts, an artbook reproducing 73 pictures that I made between 1998 and 2010. This publication was an excellent opportunity to mount an exhibition to show some pictures of the book, in big format.

Boycott Gallery


May 2008 – Collective Exhibition at Shunt Lounge London

The Brussels meets Brighton 4-day festival was created by Brighton-based soundscaper Fred Monnoye. The aim was to allow British and Belgian artists to have a cross-over look to the other country and its culture. As a result, this festival showed performances, unseen movies, installations and art pieces about each respective country: British look on Belgium, Belgian look on the UK. Personnaly, I made a diashow with my view on UK’s most perverted city (or should I call it liberal city?), Brighton. The diashow was afterwards sent to Brighton to be soundscaped by Fred and finally shown in London.

The result can be seen by clicking here.

Hereafter I would like to share some atmosphere pictures made at the Shunt Lounge during this incredible festival which gathered about 3500 art and culture enthusiasts.

bmb_mailout.jpgmodern01.jpgmodern06.jpgmodern08.jpgmodern17.jpgmodern18.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  07.jpgmodern05.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  14.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  30.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  32.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  36.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  39.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  55.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  82.jpg080430 Brussels meets Brighton (Shunt London)  97.jpg

September 2005 – eMMA05 – Collective Exhibition at former Atlas Brewery Brussels


September 2004 – eMMA04 – Collective Exhibition at former Atlas Brewery Brussels