“Abstracts” (book)

Presentation of the book

Abstracts could be a children’s book, a picture book with simple geometric shapes, sharp lines and lively colours. The images in this book are very much like drawings. But in fact it is a book of photography and architecture.

The title – Abstracts – is significant in two ways: on the one hand it refers to visual abstraction, the geometric simplification of forms with no actual beginning or end, and on the other to a summary, the essence of a greater whole. By extension, the title refers to a specific photographic approach.

Most of the photos were taken in Belgium, and the rest either in Europe or further afield. But the location actually makes little difference. I found pure lines and geometric shapes everywhere, and I also found that everywhere I looked architects had provided me with new raw material.
The idea of publishing this book arose in the course of a project undertaken with the Herpain Enterprise building firm in 2008 and 2009, the aim of which was to photograph their buildings in an innovative way. Ultimately, this book contains both photos from that project and from my own work.
Abstracts is not a retrospective, but picks out the thread running through 10 years of my art and architecture photography.


Book reviews

#1 Published in VIEW Photography Magazine (issue #17), by Georges Vercheval :

ENGLISHHow can one remain faithful to the work – that of an architect – and the work of a company and make such beautiful images? The challenge has been met. Passionnate about urbanism and contemporary art, Mikaël Falke attemps to construct from the reality-architecture that he faces in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Liège and Brussels, a transcendent personal vision. By eliminating, by purifying and by magnifying those elements most worth of interest.

FRANCAISComment être fidèle à l’œuvre – celle de l’architecte – et au travail de l’entreprise, et faire de belles images? Le pari est gagné. Passionné par l’urbanisme et l’art contemporain, Mikaël Falke s’est attaché à construire, à partir de la réalité-architecture qui lui fait face, à Stockholm, Copenhague, Liège, Bruxelles, une vision personnelle transcendante ! En éliminant, en épurant, en magnifiant les éléments les plus dignes d’intérêt.

NEDERLANDSHoe trouw blijven aan het werk – dat van de architect – en aan het werk van de onderneming, en mooie beelden maken? De weddenschap is geslaagd. Gepassionneerd door urbanisatie en hedendaagse kunst, heeft Mikaël Falke, vertrekkend van de architecturale realiteit die hij tegenkomt in Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Luik, Brussel, vastgehouden aan een persoonlijke, transcendente visie! Door te elimineren, door uit te puren, door de elementen die heest meest de interesse verdienen, te verheerlijken.


#2 Photographer of the week on Arte Belgique TV

During the week of 14/02/10, I was presented as Photographer of the week in the 50 Degrés Nord cultural show on Arte Belgique. You can watch some stills of the show hereunder.

100215 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 01_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 22_DxO_WEB.jpg100215 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 10_DxO_WEB.jpg100215 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 04_DxO_WEB.jpg100215 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 05_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 21_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 15_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 17_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 23_DxO_WEB.jpg100217 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 29_DxO_WEB.jpg100217 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 31_DxO_WEB.jpg100217 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 36_DxO_WEB.jpg100216 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 24_DxO_WEB.jpg100218 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 39_DxO_WEB.jpg100218 50 degrés Nord (Arte Belgique) 38_DxO_WEB.jpg

In a near future, we should be able to see the whole show again, currently not available (yet) for copyrights reasons.


#3 Published in A+ Architecture Magazine (issue May 2010), text coming soon.




  • “Abstract”, 96 pages, 73 pictures of Mikaël Falke, both color and black and white
  • Published by L-ink (Belgium)
  • Distributed by Exhibitions International
  • ISBN 978 90 557 9115 4
  • Printed on FSC-labelled paper with environment-friendly inks by Cassochrome in Waregem (Belgium)


Order and shipping

Abstracts is distributed by Exhibitions International, based in Belgium, with representatives in every country. Price and shipping costs depend on your country. Please contact Exhibitions International for pricing and shipping details.

For private persons, it’s also possible to order it (40 € + delivery costs) by simply sending me an email with your coordinates or contact your closest artshop.